Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Milcos Photoshoot and the Art of Diminished Hue Saturation

Its been a while after a shoot I can post about, I went with a recent shoot we had in Makati PolyCQB Gamesite along with fellow military cosplayers.

In serious themed shoots like this, I really go with the natural lighting and lower the hue saturation level to deaden the colors, then boost the contrast.

The effect is like the stylized shots of war zones by new agencies

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

O-Kun Fiesta 2

I was glad to be back in the cosplay-taking-picture scene thingy after a long break. Being hurried back an forth to the ICU didn't help much either. Well, I am thankful for my current "health" (at least I'm alive).

My visit to the recently concluded O-Kun Fiesta2 took a few weeks to plan but it did turn out great. I got to see my friends in the local cosplay to reconnect with a few photog friends (not the ones that shoo-ed me off their faux photo booth set up) and got to suit up again as my fave bad-ass character Super Patriot... although once again millennials failed to recognize my character.

"...nice Captain America, bro..."

"...Look, its the Winter Soldier..."


Maybe I should just give one but me appreciates this suit anyway.