Sunday, December 29, 2013

IOP12: Lolita Invasion "The Dark, The Wicked, and the...Murdered"

The other, less fluffy side of Loli fashion is known as Gothic Lolita. These are less frivolous, darker color tones, and a more popular with the Harajuku crowd. Gothic lolita fashion with less laces, more on ribbons, color tones and shapes are slowly getting acceptance as casual street clothing in Metro Manila (I see a few myself in Ayala, in MRT and in Mandaluyong area). Not to be confused with Goth fashion and Emo fashion, the Gothic lolita maintains its cute appeal even with the dark tones and sometimes aloof demeanor.

Shooting Gothic Lolita's depends on the mood you want to set. A dark background with a medium flash could do a good job, but color tones might make a difference in the mood you want to set. Most of the times, I had to lower the color saturation levels of a photo, unlike my usual practice of heightening color saturation and color balance...given the white balance is allows me to do so.

Sunako Kirishiki
(Atelier Lolli)

Cyndy Pascual
(Wicked Lolita)

Murdered Lolitas
Gothic lolitas in their most distressed and melancholic state of despair and helplessness. A photo style project developed along with Dwight of Diyel Productions designed to increase the mood for taking photos of Gothic lolitas.

Sunako Kirishiki

Cyndy Pascual

IOP12: Lolita Invasion "Light, Fluffy and Bubbly"

Another batch of lolitas on the cute and bubbly side, from Otaku Urule's IOP12. Now these are the usual kinds of Lolis you see on the streets of Akihabara or Shibuya. They are lightly colored (baby-something, pink, white), filled with ruffles, ribbons and laces, with fun, bubbly demeanor. It is said in some cases, the reason they are popular with some men is that it triggers the paternal instinct in them, the same way fluffy animals or cute thing-a-ma-jigs trigger maternal instincts in females.

In shooting this type of lolita, I found that the white balance and lightness of the shoot is important. Keep the ISO in the low 100s to make the noise low, faster shutter speed with a flash, and use a white reflector to even out the tone, especially in pink and yellow tones in the portrait.

Kara de Guzman Conejar 
(Pink and Bubbly Lolli. Ai Kago look-alike)

Abigail Gosiengfiao

Lizbeth Oliman
(Angel Lolli... although with her face, complexion, and the cut of the wig in front, I kept imagining she'd make a good Soi Fon)

Pamela Maxion
(Ayuchi...its something she wrote...I have no idea what that is. But she does look like Maggie Cheung)

Lulilian Yoro
(Neko-mimi Lolli)

Staci Santiago
(Hoodie Lolli)

Ma.Christina Dosado
(Mischievous Lolli.)

Venus Delgado
(Girl-next -door Lolli. Parang sya yung bestfriend ng bida na babae ng isang anime)

Megami Yume
(Pink and Fluffy Lolli)

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

IOP 12: Lolita Invasion "Doll-Faced Lolli"

Last Sunday (Dec.22, 2013) was the last IOP held by Otaku Urule for 2013. The event, themed as "Lolita Invasion", was held in the Chinese Garden at Luneta Park, Manila.

Model: Nyx Nixx Murasaki "The Doll Faced Lolli"

In my list, since there were no characters to base it on, I write the first thing that pops to my mind describing their appearance so I would have a reference if the name I put on the credits are correct. Nyx's facial expressions, demeanor and effect with various lighting conditions made me think of one of those porcelain faced dolls from the 18th century.