Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Yoko Littner Cosplay on ToyCon 2014

And here's Lea her current fave Yoko Littner. It took a while to shoot around, and I didn't get her to do the poses I want, because the rooftop at SM MEgamall is now different than I remembered. I was thinking of an urban sniper kind of thing, but not enough for my vision of the shoot. I just did the best I could think of

Monday, July 7, 2014

Final Fantasy Cosplayers at ToyCon 2014

I've always loved Final Fantasy. I played some, watched the movies, and sometimes I would just sit back and watch others play it...acting like a navigator/ back seat player.

And what gets my gwafilax going is to see some cosplayers doing a cool job with their potrayal of characters from the FF series.

This is some seriously lean and buff Cloud


I don't like the lighting here...but she's just tooo darn adorable

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hentai Kamen at ToyCon 2014 (day 2)

No one can put down the great Hentai Kamen...except maybe an armed security escort which led the whole HK team to the administration office for an earful. But hey, it all for the fans...who sreamed and shouted and HK eventually gave in to their request. Except for that old lady at the bingo hall who was annoyed with all the ruckus she couldn't hear if she hit the lucky pot or not.

But Me and HK got to sneak outside for a little "alone time" with the lens.

Cosplayers of Toy Con 2014

I know its almost been a month...and my apologies. A lot of delays happens when your computer gives up on you and you to fix it while a storm is brewing in the horizon.

So without further adieu, roll them out....

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Francis Uayan: Black Ops Operative (C.O.D. Modern Warfare 2)

(I joined the photoshoot held by DOTA Cosplayers at Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife last June 8, 2014, but due to the limited time I had that morning for the shoot, I was only able to feature a few cosplayer friends at the event. Hope to shoot more pics on the next photoshoot.)

Hailing from Quezon City, Francis has been at it at cosplay since 2010. As an active member of, he applies his skills and knowledge of military tactics and operations to both his cosplay and larping.

Cosplay had made Francis more confident in dealing with other people (...without pointing a gun, I hope), and gained many friends in the same addiction for anything military.  Cosplay also gives him a chance to bring out and develop his skills in acting and potraying characters.

He comes sometimes as a mercenary, or black-ops freelancer, but he is also well known for his Lt. Simon "Ghost" Riley persona. He hopes that someday, he would able to cosplay Commander Shepherd from Mass Effect, or Zero from Borderlands 2. What ever he comes out as, you can bet your M4A1 he'd be kicking down doors and taking names.