Tuesday, June 14, 2016

O-Kun Fiesta 2

I was glad to be back in the cosplay-taking-picture scene thingy after a long break. Being hurried back an forth to the ICU didn't help much either. Well, I am thankful for my current "health" (at least I'm alive).

My visit to the recently concluded O-Kun Fiesta2 took a few weeks to plan but it did turn out great. I got to see my friends in the local cosplay scene....got to reconnect with a few photog friends (not the ones that shoo-ed me off their faux photo booth set up) and got to suit up again as my fave bad-ass character Super Patriot... although once again millennials failed to recognize my character.

"...nice Captain America, bro..."

"...Look, its the Winter Soldier..."


Maybe I should just give up...no one but me appreciates this suit anyway.