Sunday, October 4, 2015

Cosplay Mania 2015 (Day one)

Going to this event was a sudden decision. All to help a friend who was going alone...aaaand most of my cosplay and photography friends were going.

Well, going in last minute without a ticket was a mistake. We queued for 2 hours at the church side entrance of the SMX Convention Center just to get in and buy tickets at the site. We ended up hungry and tired from the get go.

My son and I ended up going on a food trip with the various "Japanese cuisine" booths in the convention area. garbage disposal seems to be a problem,though . As we only saw 2 garbage cans for the whole convention food plates and drink containers were piling up at the dining tables.

When we returned to the convention from going outside, we were escorted to the convention center's security office because of our "realistic looking working airsoft/ pellet guns". This is the first time, on the years I've been coming there for conventions with the same PMC cosplay, to be held for such a thing. There were other military cosplayers with bigger, more realistic looking airsoft guns than us...why were we singled out? Well, good thing the security personnel on the site were really cool and kind people...we talked on and on about firearms and CQB simulated even invited me to join his airsoft team. What a cool guy.

I didnt get to shoot a lot of cosplayers, or the ones I wanted to shoot, The unofficial photo area were littered with the flash setups and photo stuff of the more hardcore (professional) photographers. So werent allowed to get into their line of shot. Some photos I took I didnt like because the background was chaotic, with all of the people moving about, and marshalls yelling not to shoot in the halls, and professional photographers yelling at me to move out of their set up, which is eating a lot of area. I miss the old days when going to cons with a rag tag group of photographers and cosplayers were a lot of fun.

One of my cosplay faves, Cloud from Final Fantasy

Chibi Saber cosplay...and I thought this was a level 15 Jeanne de Arc.

RWBY group cosplay....OMFG!!!!!!

Finaly Fantasy X's Yuna and Tidus (pre-nup?)

Celestia Ludenberg from Danganronpa

Thor (genderbend)

Loki (genderbend)

Alyssa from Tekken

League of Legends Crew

A buncha Deadpools

Jibril (No Game No Life)

Yuno (Mirai Nikki)