Sunday, June 12, 2011

LUSH's Greener Planet Campaign at High Street, Fort Bonifacio

Strolling around High Street last Saturday when we chance upon this group of women with signs and forms calling for a reduction in the use of plastic bags, and encourage the use of recycled paper bags instead. They go to the people they see that uses plastic bags, and exchanges them with bright yellow recycled paper bags that has the LUSH logo emblazoned on it.

There's this one lady in the crowd who was dressed with the plastic bags they collected (i think). My son even opted to pin the plastic bag himself on the lady. What strikes me about her ensemble is that the pinned plastic bags resemble an older, layered look of the "Baro't Saya", the clothes of choice for the common 'indio' during the Spanish times.

LUSH is a company that makes and sells hand made cosmetics, soaps and other girly stuff. There is also a LUSH branch in Bonifacio High Street.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Underwater Photos (Bohol)

At Alona Kew Resort Hotel. A prime example of water refraction on ordinary 18mm lens.

At Alona Kew Hotel Pool. When taking photographs while diving, be sure to take at least 3 deep breaths to oxygenate your blood then empty your lungs. Your lack of buoyancy can help you attain maximum maneuverability while taking pictures.

Balicasag Reef Sanctuary. This came out blurry using ISO100 film on an overcast day. I had to tweek the gamma, brightness and contrast to attain this much.

Motorized boats are prohibited from entering the Balicasag Reef Sanctuary. You are ferried to the site by a local boatman. Foot protection is also needed since the reef corals are sharp. Slippers and unbounded sandals are not allowed, you can rent foot protection at the island.

A really cool shot made by the boatman in our group. Of course with a bit of tweeking.