Sunday, September 8, 2013

Photo Shoot Locations: Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife

One of the most popular sites in the metro for photophiles and nature trippers alike, the Ninoy Aquino Parks
and Wildlife offers a wide range of settings from wide open spaces, to water backgrounds, to wooded areas. Entrance gates are along North Ave (North gate), near Veteran's Hospital, and on Quezon Ave (South Gate) near the National Kidney center.

There is a minimal entrance fee (as of now, its 8 pesos per person) and holding a photo shoot requires no special papers or permission.

Famous areas to take pictures here is the lagoon, the lagoon bridge (with the white colored house in the background), the amphitheater, and the tea house. But using the tea house needs to be scheduled and you need to file a request with the administrator.

My favorite site to take photos is the bamboo filled area in the woods near the aviary and monkey cages. But as of August, 2013, a lot of bamboos were felled by the last typhoon, and the park authorities repaces them with low tree seedlings.

Friday, September 6, 2013

More from Otaku Urule's IOP 8

I got into editing the pictures from last time's Invitational photoshoot. Tried to add more drama...more action...and more effects.

Julia Inoue's Snow White. Tried to convert this photo into a low key style photo, but it seems i failed. I kept it though.
Keitaro Tan (Liu Seiryu, "Ai no Exorcist-The Movie"). More power...more effects. Lens flare...aaaah the 90's.
Henry Derin (Adam, "RWBY"). Sitting by his lonesome staring at Shinjuku's skyline.
A more sinister take on Jonathan Lumerio's "Sleepwalker" from the Culture Clash series "Pasig"
Marlyn Fabreag (gender bender Monkey D. Luffy, "One-Piece")
MJ Nepacena (Trafalgar Law, "One-Piece")

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Otaku Urule's "Invitational Open Photoshoot 8" At Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife

Got to join the people at Otaku Urule's "Invitational Open Photoshoot 8" At Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife last Sept.1 (sunday). Along with some familiar faces from last time's Vocaloid Photoshoot, I was able to meet a lot of interesting people.

Too bad I had to leave early that day because the heat really got to me. I don't function well in hot weather. I get dehydrated easily and my brain shuts down.

Here are some of the low res pics.

Julia Inoue (Snow White)

Keitaro Tan (Liu Seiryu, "Ai no Exorcist-The Movie")

Criza Abuhan (self made character...but I put a little "Miss Jekyll/Madam Hyde" twist into it)

Misha Miyuki-Egawa (Len Kagamine, "Vocaloid")

Henry Derin (Adam, "RWBY")

Jonathan Lumerio (Sleepwalker, "Pasig")

Kristelle Menor (Mikasa, "Shingeki no Kyojin")

Larizza Dalas (Erza, "FairyTail")

Erick Magsasaro (ANBU Kakashi, "Naruto:Shippuden")

Erick Magsasaro (ANBU Kakashi, "Naruto:Shippuden")
Jayson Yabuzo (Zabusa, "Naruto:Shippuden")

Marlyn Fabreag (gender bender Monkey D. Luffy, "One-Piece")

Jan Louie Gatchalian (Dark Mousy, "DN Angel")

Kurt Robert John Vidallo (Char Ninetoes, "Boarderlands" game)

MJ Nepacena (Trafalgar Law, "One-Piece")