Thursday, April 24, 2014

Otaku Tayo's "COSPLAYFEST 2014"

Cosplay and j-pop culture group "Otaku Tayo" held a festival of anime, manga, j-music and cosplay with their COSPLAY FEST 2014 held last Sunday (April 20, 2014) at Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife.

The event was a fun-filled explosion of activities, almost too many things going on around for one to sink in by themselves. There was the program proper, the amazing bands and dance groups, the cosplay catwalk...all of this while there are photoshoots and cosplayers acting out their characters around the venue. Its hard to join one event without detaching yourself from another.

The thing that made me enjoy this event is because its by j-culture enthusiasts for j-culture enthusiasts, the circle of people within the cosplay, anime and j-rock community are all packed together jamming it up.


Deathbringer (Storm Shadow)
Ken-chan Bautista (Junko Enoshima)
Mia (Otohime Inoue)
Lea Alvez (Faye Valentine)
Sachie Asis
Towbii-kun (Allen Walker - D-GrayMan)
Jared Esguerra (Inuyasha)
Michie Ferrer (Kagome)
Kuromuhime (Aisaka Taiga)
John Patrick Mabagos (Touji)
Jam Harold Hallig (Roronoa Soro)
Kevin Montemayor (Monkey D Luffy)
Sean Carl (Johnny)
Crismar Angel (Yosaku)
Yhanxie (Nami)
Boy Alegre (Monkey D Luffy)
Carl Lyndon Bongalos (War Tobi)